Lash Extensions Auckland

Have you ever wanted to try eyelash extensions but worry that they might look fake and clumpy or even feel uncomfortable?


Then, your search is finally over.


Welcome to Cerise

Established in 2006, Cerise was the FIRST lash specialty boutique in New Zealand. With 13 years of industry experience, Cerise guarantees you the soft and lush eyelashes that you have always wanted. Your new lashes will be perfectly applied, seamless and incredibly lightweight. You will have truly amazing eyelashes that last for weeks. 


Not only are we a dedicated lash boutique, Cerise also runs eyelash extension training workshops every month and have our own range of CelebrityLash products manufactured for us that are sold worldwide. 

Cerise guarantees:


       - No damage to your natural eyelashes

       - Your new lashes will look natural and believable

       - Long-lasting lashes

       - The most experienced and knowledgeable lash artists

       - Comfortable and hygienic environment 


We would love to have you come in and experience the magic of eyelash extensions with us; please take a tour around our website to see some of our amazing work and testimonials.

Cerise specializes in 3D - 6D Russian Volume

The softest & fluffiest lashes incomparable to any other eyelash extensions on the market