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Cerise Classics 

The classic traditional one-on-one natural look.


One extension is applied onto each natural eyelash only. Light and subtle, these are suitable for clients wanting a very natural look.

40 to 60 lashes are applied onto each eye.


0.10, 0.12mm and 0.15mm diameters are used depending on the the client's natural eyelashes

40 lashes  

50 lashes     

60 lashes 





Cerise Signature

Try our Signature look!

Cerise Hybrid is a mix of Classic and Volume offering both Definition and Density.


This textured look is currently very on trend; natural and realistic - our Signature set is perfect for everyday wear.

80 to 120 lashes are applied onto each eye.


We also offer a 60-min 'Light' Volume

for the same price.


60 mins 









Lash Infills 

Infills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks

to maintain the fullness of your beautiful lashes.

It is only classed as an infill if you have

more than 20 good extensions left per eye

from your previous appointment;

otherwise, you will be charged full rate.


We do not charge by the type of extensions

you have (eg Classics, 2D or Volume);

instead, we charge by time. 


Infills from another salon must book a

minimum of 60 minute appointment.

45 mins   

60 mins

75 mins   















45min is best for 2 - 3 weekly infills

60min is best for 3 - 4 weekly infills

75min is best for 4 - 5 weekly infills


Additional time is charged by $20/15mins,

6 weeks or more will be classed as a NEW SET.

Other Services

Lash removal

Lash tint 

Lash lift   

Lash lift & tint 

Brow Shape

Brow Tint

Brow Shape & Tint

Brow Henna










Cerise Hybrid/Volume

Russian 3D - 4D Volume Lashes are our specialty!


3 to 4 extensions are applied onto each natural eyelash. Full and glamorous, they are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions! 

150 to 300+ fine lashes are applied onto each eye; soft and feathery, our volume lashes offer optimum longevity!


0.05mm, 0.06mm and 0.07mm diameters are

used depending on the condition of the

client's natural eyelashes.

1 hr 15 mins  

1 hr 30 mins  

1 hr 45 mins 













1 hr 15 min is Natural Volume

- This is our most popular set

1 hr 30 min is Medium Volume

- Popular for Bridal Lashes

1 hr 45 min is Full Volume

- Perfect for a dramatic look

At Cerise, we charge by time and the experience level of the Lash Artist. We have 3 different tiers and pricing brackets so we can cater to suit your budget and/or desired look. 

Lash Apprentice - up to 6 months experience

Lash Artist - up to 18 months experience

Senior Lash Artist - over 18 months experience

All apprentices have completed both of our CelebrityLash Foundation and Volume Workshops.

They are all very competent and we are offering a lower price point so our apprentices can work on increasing their speed and move up to the Lash Artist level.

All Cerise Lash Artists have gone through extensive in-house training and assessments. However if you desire a fuller set then it is best to book in with

a more experienced Lash Artist.


Please feel free to contact us to

discuss your requirements.

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