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Magnetic Lashes #1 Natural

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The Latest and the Most Exciting Magnetic technology is here!! You can literally apply lashes on both eyes in under 3 minutes!

Step 1 - Shake the eyeliner

Step 2 - Apply the eyeliner

Step 3 - Apply the lashes onto your eyes!

Available in 3 bandwidths

Small eyes - 26mm band width

Medium eyes - 28mm band width (BACKORDER)

Large eyes - 30mm band width

Length - Natural Day 7mm - 10mm length, Night 7mm - 10mm

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Although they are pretty straight forward to use, but with anything new, it will require some practice. Here are a few 'good-to-know' tips that I wanted to share.

  • The eyeliner is waterproof and long wearing, but bear in mind that after a few hours, your eyeliner could lift due to the oils from your skin.
  • The lashes can be reused several times, but make sure you handle with care and do remove any traces of the eyeliner from the lashes (just like removing latex glue on the falsies) for the magnets to attract again.
  • Avoid getting the eyeliner onto your natural lashes/lash extensions - the magnets from the lashes can attract to that rather than to your eyeliner. So be very precise when it comes to applying the eyeliner.

All sales are final, no returns or refunds will be accepted.

Please check the magnets carefully before using, and contact us immediately if you notice any loose or missing magnets.

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