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Why is Cerise unique?

It's not just because we are the most experienced lash specialists in New Zealand, but it's the burning desire that we have to perfect the craft of eyelash extensions, the constant upskilling and the never ending search for the best products for our clients. Our 13 years of strong reputation and solid systems enable us to offer you the most amazing results and experience. But that's not all, here are a few more reasons why we are different to other lash salons you may have visited. 

1, We look after YOU and YOUR Natural Lashes! We truly CARE about the health of your natural lashes, so we ensure your lash extensions are styled to compliment not only your eyes, but your face, enhancing your overall look. They are always perfectly applied at every appointment, so you can enjoy wearing beautiful lashes year after year! 

2, Your lashes will always look and feel NATURAL! Cerise stocks over 300 different sizes for complete customization, our lashes are soft and luxurious with a velvety feel. We also have 7 high quality adhesives with various strengths to ensure longevity but still be gentle for your eyes.

3, Our Lash Artists are HIGHLY SKILLED! Cerise specializes only in lashes, so every Lash Artist in our team has gone through extensive in-house training and assessments to ensure you are being looked after by some of the most qualified Lash Artists in New Zealand. 

"I strongly believe applying eyelash extension is a highly skilled profession, and you should always go to a trusted professional. Give us a call and I can promise you that our Salon Managers will be delighted to assist you, and will book you in with a Cerise Lash Artist to suit your style and budget. Take a look at our testimonials below to see what our clients love about us, all reviews are from our Facebook Page and Google. We look forward to seeing you soon!" - Elisia Webb (Owner & Master Trainer) 

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Elisia Webb -

Owner & Master Trainer

Cerise Lash Boutique is the best eyelash extensions salon in Auckland. I've been a client for years and I am addicted to lash extensions and at Cerise I get the best possible service. My lashes look very natural with a pop of wow and I am so pleased. They feel like they are my very own and I get so many compliments. Elisia and her team are wonderful, thank you for such an amazing experience. - Oana Blythe

Have been coming to Cerise for years. They're definitely the best in town. If you hate wearing mascara as I did you must try Cerise lashes - you'll never go back once you've tried! - Anne Thorp (Celebrity Chef)

AA+ service. Peaceful and happy environment. Customer service was best I've had. Money well spent with people who generally care!

- Vaiama Mausia

What our clients LOVE about us?

Mt Wellington


Derryn Hope

- Senior Lash Artist

I have had Derryn doing my lashes since June this year . I have been so pleased with them as it doesn't feel like i have lashes on. She is very gentle with her application. Always makes sure i am happy with the way my lashes are looking and willing to change it if not. Such a great job! - Danielle Reynolds-Howlett

I am so happy with the volume set done by Derryn, she did an incredible job! Derryn has done my lashes a few times now and absolutely love them every time! Her application and attention to detail is amazing, she listens to what style/look you’re going for, highly recommend 😊 - Sarah Rust

Derryn was amazing. She did an awesome job on my lashes. The lashes look so good and natural. The procedure was flawless and I did have a great time. Would recommend her in a heart beat 👍 - Nishat Zubair Khan


Toni Sloan - Lash Artist

Oh my goodness, what’s not to LOVE about Cerise? A beautiful space, a business model based on women empowering women, the scalable cost (so good when budgets blow out) and the high-quality work from all of the lash artists there. My artist Toni is amazing, she understands what works on my face and knows my aesthetic. That moment when she brushes them and I can feel how fluttery and looooong they are... So goooood!!!! And they last for ages!!!! Everyone is delightful to interact with, from front desk to social media responses to every artist themselves. I love love love these lashes and these ladies!!!!  - Angie Joy

My eyelashes are very beautiful and natural, thanks Toni - Vanessa Blewden