Sunday               Auckland - Aug 2nd, Aug 16th, Sep 6th, Oct 18th, Nov 15th

                            Wellington - July 25th (SOLD OUT) or 26th

Time                   10am - 6:30pm

Fees:                  $1190 (GST included) - free training kit worth $700


Our CelebrityLash Foundation Workshop is Part 1 of our CelebrityLash Mastery Training, designed for beginners who have not had any lashing or beauty experience. This workshop has been refined over the past decade, to ensure all content is up to date and our teaching is tailored to suit each individual student. 

We understand deeply the challenges that a new trainee could face, so our 1 Day Foundation Workshop is designed to help to overcome these hurdles and really focus on giving you the confidence to start your own business.


No more BOR-ING workshops learning straight from a training manual. We kick off our workshop with our PowerPoint presentation covering extensive theory, with photos and diagrams to illustrate the different types of Eyelash extensions. You will also learn the Sizing chart and how to choose them correctly and safely for your clients, Safe application, History, Allergies, Sensitivities, Do's and don'ts, Product knowledge, Design, Pricing, plus so much more!!


After the PowerPoint presentation, you will be shown how to create your own lash palette and learn how to properly pickup, dip and apply each lash onto sponges. You'll then move onto working with a mannequin by isolating as well as applying lashes with both hands. 

After lunch, our Trainer will demonstrate on a live model, and you'll be applying lashes on your own model from 2:30pm - 5:30pm. Our Trainer will come to you one by one to correct your technique, to ensure you feel confident with your tools, products and application. We will end the day with consultation and removal techniques.

CelebrityLash 1 Day Foundation Workshop is upbeat and jam-packed to provide you with all the information you'll need to kick start your career as a Professional Lash Artist. All our students LOVED our straight forward teaching style, and we will provide post training support for each student and be part of your lash journey. Training manual, powerpoint and other relevant information will be available for you in Dropbox after course completion. You will receive your Certificate of attendance on the day and you can earn a Certificate of excellence after sending through case studies.

Work/Business opportunities may be available for our Auckland students.

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"If anyone is looking to train to become a Lash Artist I highly recommend Elisia as a trainer and just loved the way she runs her courses. I have started my own lashing business from home this year and after training with Elisia I naturally had lots of questions and I still do! Elisia has been incredibly contactable, communicative and so supportive following the course and I feel so much better off for having her look over my work and answering queries along the way. I couldn't recommend her and her business enough to help with your own journey if you were thinking of heading in that direction."
- Rachel Riddle, Dollybird Lashes (May 2019 Wellington)
"II have now attended two of Elisia Webb’s training days and would 100% recommend Elisia! Her knowledge on eyelashing is next to none and her continuing support has been incredibly helpful! After attending the two classes at Celebrity Lash under Elisia Webb, I felt confident to branch out and start my own business. It has been one year since attending my first class and I now own and operate an ever growing business in eyelash extensions. I would recommend Elisia Webb to anyone who wants to give themselves the best chance at making a success of their eyelash extension business!" - Jenni Turner, Fabulash by Jen (2018/2019)
"I had volume training with Elisia last year. Elisia is very knowledgeable and her willingness to give all her knowledge to us is shown of what kind of person she is. So grateful that we have someone like her in this eyelashes industry."
Natalia Koswara, Lash Lab + Beauty (2018 Auckland).
"I had lash training done with Elisia few months back. She is knowledgeable and experience. I feel so much more confident after the training.'  
- Bella Tran, La Bella (July 2019, Auckland)

Elisia Webb

CelebrityLash Trainer/Master Lash Artist

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